Strongwater Farm Rises Above Challenges, Invites Community to
#RISINGSTRONGWATER2023 for a Resilient Future

[Tewksbury, September 1, 2023] – Amidst unexpected trials, Strongwater Farm is harnessing
the unity within us to convert challenges into opportunities for growth.

Due to unprecedented floods and associated challenges, the 5th Annual Strongwater Farm Hoe
Down event scheduled for October 1, 2023, has been canceled and re-imagined in light of
present circumstances. Instead, we are thrilled to introduce you to a community-building
campaign: #RisingStrongwater2023.

Introducing #RisingStrongwater2023

Get ready to rise above and join us in a journey of revival and resilience. Introducing
#RisingStrongwater2023, a rallying cry for all who believe in the transformative power of
community and the enduring connection between humans and horses.

#RisingStrongwater2023 is a transformative community engagement campaign initiated by
Strongwater Farm in response to the challenges we’ve been faced with recently. It aims to
restore facilities, repair flood damages, and ensure the continuity of the farm’s essential

Why #RisingStrongwater2023?

Just as rising waters challenge and recede, we rise – firm and unyielding. Recent events
exposed vulnerabilities, yet our response is marked by unity, determination, and unwavering
optimism. Together, we will ensure the enduring strength of Strongwater Farm’s mission.

How can I contribute to Rising Strongwater?

You can contribute to Rising Strongwater in various ways:
Donate: Financial contributions are crucial in achieving our goals. Visit our website
( to make a donation yourself (or fundraise for your donation!).
● Spread the Word: Share the campaign’s message on social media, among friends, and
within your community.
● Volunteer: Participate in work days, activities, and events to actively support our
rebuilding efforts.
● Attend Events: Watch for announcements about some fun upcoming events to take part


Embracing Unity’s Essence

As we embark on this thrilling voyage, let’s remember that our power lies in our shared purpose.
Rising Strongwater symbolizes more than fundraising; it’s a movement that embodies our
resilience, community spirit, and unwavering dedication to positive change.

About Strongwater Farm

Strongwater Farm shines as a beacon of hope, healing, and transformation through equine
therapy. Challenges may arise, but our resolve remains unshaken. Together, we march forward,
guided by unity’s spirit and the promise of brighter tomorrows.

Jo Bryan
Executive Director, Strongwater Farm
[email protected]