Turning The Tide: Rising StrongWater2023

Download Press Release (pdf) 🌟 Turning the Tide with #RisingStrongwater2023: A Movement of Resilience and Hope 🌊 Join Strongwater Farm as We Rise Above Challenges Together! [Tewksbury, 13 September 2023] […]

Rising Strongwater FAQ

Download Press Release (pdf) Rising Strongwater FAQ 1. What is Rising Strongwater/#RisingStrongwater2023? Rising Strongwater is a transformative fundraising and community engagement campaigninitiated by Strongwater Farm in response to recent challenges […]

Special Olympics 2017

Strongwater clients were very successful in the 2017 Special Olympics! TJ received two second place ribbons…; Eric received second and third place ribbons; Samantha received first and second place ribbons; […]

Jeff Corwin Visits Strongwater

Jeff Corwin visits Strongwater (known at the time as T.H.E. Farm) with the Discovery Channel to put the spotlight on therapeutic riding. Many thanks to the Discovery Channel for providing […]