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Our Horses

The historic bond between humans and horses has developed and evolved over the past 3,500 years. Today, our specially trained therapy horses partner with our clients in physical, social and emotional programs. They are trusted and trusting, specifically chosen for their forgiving attitude, and are well-schooled for their task. The bond developed between our clients and the horses is one of the lifetime benefits of participation in the Strongwater program. Horses have a natural way of entering in to one’s life or soul when a person works with these magnificent animals.


Breed:  Quarter Horse
Color:  Bay
Height:  15.2 hands
Weight:  1,078 lbs.
Gender:  Gelding
Birthday:  January 1, 1996


  • Karl likes his personal space. Don’t crowd his stall
    window or he will bite. Also give him plenty of room
    when working around him.
  • Karl is sensitive. Groom him with gentle and soft hands. He likes calm and quiet people around him.


Fun Facts:

  • Karl’s past career: Dressage
  • Karl is very smart and adapts well to riders of any level
  • Karl’s favorite treat is carrots


Breed:  Quarter Horse
Color:  Chestnut
Height:  15.1 hands
Weight:  910 lbs.
Gender:  Gelding
Birthday:  May 1, 2002


  • He loves to be groomed, but he doesn’t like his belly
    brushed, so be gentle.
  • Secure his gate with the pins. He is our barn’s
    Houdini and knows how to open his gate to escape!


Fun Facts:

  • Harley’s past career: Western Reining horse
  • Harley’s favorite treat is anything you give him!
    (But he does particularly enjoy watermelon)


Breed:  Icelandic Horse
Color:  Brown
Height:  13.2 hands
Weight:  825lbs.
Gender:  Gelding
Birthday:  May 29, 1998


  • Please use Cross-ties, do not tie him in his stall
  • Greet him by patting his neck or shoulder.
    He doesn’t like his face touched.
  • Be gentle yet firm when leading


Fun Facts:

  • Icelandic’s are the only ponies called horses
  • Icelandic’s have an extra gate called “tolting”
  • “Tindur” means “Summit of the Mountain”
  • His favorite treat is anything low sugar
    to accommodate his sugar-restricted diet


Breed:  Lusitano
Color:  Black
Height:  16.2 hands
Weight:  1,160 lbs.
Gender:  Gelding
Birthday:  May 3, 2011


  • Always lead with a chain over his nose
  • Watch your fingers when leading; he likes to nibble
    on the chain
  • Groom him gently. He can be quite sensitive to the
    harder brushes


Fun Facts:

  • Enzo’s past career was Dressage. He was trained
    up to the 2nd Level
  • He loves his withers scratched and will stretch
    his neck out and wiggle his lip!
  • Enzo can be picky with treats, but loves his hay
    and grain


Breed: Miniature
Color: Grulla
Height: 34 inches or 9.1 hands
Weight: 200 lbs
Gender: Mare
Birthday: April 16, 2015


  • Make sure to keep her walking straight when
    leading. She’ll run around in circles or run in front
    of you if you’re not paying attention.
  • Be patient when picking her hooves to help
    ease her nervousness picking them up.
  • Always keep Amber and Turbo together.
    Amber gets anxious without him.


Fun Facts:

  • Amber is the younger half-sister of Turbo
  • Amber knows how to smile on command!
  • Her favorite treats are bananas and watermelon!


Breed:  Percheron
Color:  Black
Height:  18 hands
Weight:  1,600 lbs.
Gender:  Gelding
Birthday:  June 11, 2000


  • King’s best friend is Twinkle. Keep him near Twinkle at all times or he’ll get distressed.
  • He loves being in people’s space, so be confident while
    leading him and keep him at a respectful distance.
  • Despite being a giant, buses and motorcycles scare King.
    If you encounter one with him, remain calm and let him face and see the source of the noise while it passes.


Fun Facts:

  • King’s past career was cart pulling and logging.
    He was a team with Twinkle.
  • King loves to lick your hands and your jackets. He’ll sometimes play with zippers too
  • He can smile for treats
  • King’s favorite treat is bananas


Breed:  Percheron
Color:  Black
Height:  18.2 hands
Weight:  1,790 lbs.
Gender:  Mare
Birthday:  March 1, 2013


  • Keep her near her best friend King at all times.
  • Be cautious when grooming during winter months
    since she can be sensitive to static.
  • Stand and watch her eat her grain, she will steal
    King’s if you walk away!
  • Put her on an end stall only next to King downstairs
    or she’ll kick the walls.


Fun Facts:

  • Twinkle’s past career was cart pulling and logging.
    She was a team with King.
  • She can smile, kiss, and hug on command. But make
    sure to have a treat, she doesn’t work for free!
  • Her favorite treat is bananas!


Breed:  Dwarf Miniature
Color:  Black
Height:  30 inches or 8.1 hands
Weight:  150 lbs.
Gender:  Gelding
Birthday:  May 15, 2013


  • Be patient with him. Despite his name, he takes
    things slow, especially with walking and eating.
  • Lead with confidence. He is small but mighty
    and will try to get away with shenanigans.
  • Keep him near Amber at all times or he’ll get distressed.


Fun Facts:

  • Turbo is the older brother to Amber
  • He can pull a one-person buggy
  • He can smile for treats!
  • Turbo’s favorite treats are carrots and watermelon!


Breed:  Welsh/Paint Cross
Color:  Blue Roan
Height:  13.2 hands
Weight:  826lbs.
Gender:  Mare
Birthday:  July 1, 2004


  • Give her space in her stall and don’t crowd her
    window. She appreciates her space and isn’t afraid
    to tell you with a bite.
  • Be confident when leading her, but not pushy.
    She usually listens well, but beware, she might
    sneak a nip in if you’re not paying attention!
  • She loves to be groomed, but groom gently.


Fun Facts:

  • She was named after the movie “Whale Rider”
  • When she was born, she greeted her humans
    before her mother
  • Her favorite treat is carrots!


Breed: Morgan
Color: Buckskin
Height: 14.2 hands
Weight: 1,020 lbs.
Gender: Mare
Birthday: May 25, 1999
  • When leading, don’t let her get quick. She frequently
    needs a reminder to slow down, especially on trails.
  • Say hello and dote on her. She is super sweet,
    loves people, and will greet you at her stall window.
  • Shelly responds best to voice commands.


Fun Facts:

  • Shelly was a driving horse in her past career.
    She was also a “school bus” for Amish children
  • She loves being groomed, especially spa days
    and getting her hooves painted
  • Shelly has had 6 foals
  • Her favorite treat is watermelon!


Breed: Haflinger
Color: Palomino
Height: 13.3 hands 
Weight: 900 lbs
Gender: Mare
Birthday: June 11, 2000
  • Groom her gently. She is very sensitive, especially
    around her belly.
  • Becky needs a soft touch, but also be confident
    while leading her to prevent her from walking
    in front of you.
  • Keep her near Fiona at all times. They are best
    friends and should never be separated.


Fun Facts:

  • In her past career, Becky was Fiona’s cart pulling buddy
  • She is very patient and does well with one-on-one
  • Her funny habit is wiggling her upper lip around
  • Her favorite treat is carrots!


Breed: Haflinger
Color: Palomino
Height: 13.3 hands
Weight: 890lbs.
Gender: Mare
Birthday: June 11, 2006
  • Be confident, yet gentle with your body language
    and interactions with her. She’s always looking to
    please, but is unsure of herself and is sensitive to
  • Make sure she is around Becky at all times. They’re
    best friends and she gets nervous without her.
  • Work to keep her still during bathing and grooming. She can be quite wiggly at moments!
Fun Facts:
  • Fiona was Becky’s cart pulling buddy in her past career
  • She can grow a mini mustache in the winter time
  • Fiona is our most “talkative” horse and frequently whinnies at Becky
  • Her favorite treats are carrots and watermelon!


Breed: Friesian Sport Horse
Color: Black and White Pinto
Height: 15.3 hands
Weight: 1,255 lbs
Gender: Mare
Birthday: March 3, 2003



  • Lead with confidence, she is always looking for reassurance.
  • Don’t be fooled by her neck stature. She’s not scared; Friesians carry their heads high.
  • Keep her around the other horses. She likes her herd and gets nervous if she’s alone


Fun Facts:

  • She loves people, attention, and being groomed
  • Bunny has a polite and kind demeanor and is always
    looking to please
  • Her past career was a trail horse
  • Bunny has had several foals
  • Her favorite treats are carrots and watermelon!


Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Dapple Gray
Height: 16.1 hands
Weight: 1,000 lbs
Gender: Gelding
Birthday: May 18, 2018


  • Keep him in his place; he is still young and learning boundaries
  • Be patient with Tex. He may be unsure of some things, but he will work through them over time
  • Be patient when picking up his hooves, especially his back hooves as he is stiff in his hind end


Fun Facts:

  • Tex never actually made it to the racetrack! He went through race training but refused to go in the starting gate…as a result, he was retired and Strongwater’s own Melissa Salerno bought him!
  • He is a cribber and likes to stick his tongue out
  • Tex loves cuddles and loves to touch and smell everything.


Breed: Draft/Clydesdale Mix
Color: Blue Roan
Height: 16.3 hands
Weight: 1,500 lbs
Gender: Mare
Birthday: March 10, 2016


  • Be quiet around her and gentle with her; she’s still getting used to her new home and surroundings!
  • Make sure she has plenty of water because she
    drinks a lot!

Fun Facts:

  • Sela is super sweet and loves people

  • She once went into Petco for a field trip

  • Sela pulled carriages in her past career

  • She can be ridden English or Western