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Our Horses

The historic bond between humans and horses has developed and evolved over the past 3,500 years. Today, our specially trained therapy horses partner with our clients in physical, social and emotional programs. They are trusted and trusting, specifically chosen for their forgiving attitude, and are well-schooled for their task. The bond developed between our clients and the horses is one of the lifetime benefits of participation in the Strongwater program. Horses have a natural way of entering in to one’s life or soul when a person works with these magnificent animals.


Breed:  Quarter Horse
Color:  Bay
Height:  15.2 hands
Weight:  1,100 lbs.
Gender:  Gelding
Birthday:  January 1, 1996

Do’s: Be gentle and soft when grooming my belly and girth

Fun Facts:

  • My past career: Dressage
  • I especially love trail rides
  • I have a sense of humor and am wise
  • I adapt well to riders of all ages and levels


Breed:  Percheron/Thoroughbred Cross
Color:  Fleabitten Grey
Height:  16.2 hands
Weight:  1,600 lbs.
Gender:  Mare
Birthday:  August 7, 1997

Do’s: Pat me on my neck, shoulder or between my ears; I love gentle hands for grooming and tacking


Breed:  Quarter Horse
Color:  Chestnut
Height:  15.1 hands
Weight:  1,100 lbs.
Gender:  Gelding
Birthday:  May 1, 2002

Do’s: Heads up!….I am a diving grass eater;  I am a great teacher; I especially like to be groomed in my stall

Fun Facts:

  • My past career: Western Reining horse
  • I love my job and take good care of my riders
  • I love having my mane and ears scratched

Cha Ching

Breed:  Gypsy Vanner
Color:   Blue Roan
Height:  14.2 hands
Weight:  950 lbs.
Gender:  Gelding
Birthday:  April 25, 2011

Do’s: Talk to me and pat my neck; Watch your fingers – I am still a child in a “big boy” body!

Fun Facts:

  • I was awarded to SWF through a Lexlin Ranch, TN contest
  • I love to be groomed and braided
  • I am a brave guy with a big mustache each winter!
  • I love people especially when they comment on my blue eye


Breed:  Icelandic Horse
Color:  Brown
Height:  13.2 hands
Weight:  950lbs.
Gender:  Gelding
Birthday:  May 29, 1998

Do’s: Please use Cross-ties, Do not tie me in my stall

Fun Facts:

  • Icelandic’s are the only ponies called horses
  • Icelandic’s have an extra gate called “tolting”
  • My mother was born in Iceland, I was born in Chester, NJ
  • I love trail rides with a buddy
  • “Tindur” means “Summit of the Mountain”


Breed:  Lusitano
Color:  Black
Height:  16.2 hands
Weight:  1,200 lbs.
Gender:  Gelding
Birthday:  May 3, 2011

Fun Facts:

  • Trained through 2nd Level Dressage
  • Loves a trail
  • Full of personality, a sense of humor and the charismatic movement of his breed
  • Teacher for both beginner and experienced riders
  • We are delighted and proud to count Enzo amongst our Strongwater family!


Breed: Miniature
Color: Grulla
Height: 34 inches or 9.1 hands
Weight: 300 lbs
Gender: Mare
Birthday: April 16, 2015

Do’s:  Loves to be groomed, especially brushing my long mane!

Fun Facts:

  • Younger sister to Turbo
  • Can carry little riders up to 50 lbs.


Breed:  Percheron
Color:  Black
Height:  18 hands
Weight:  2,600 lbs.
Gender:  Gelding
Birthday:  June 11, 2000

The Dynamic Duo love their new home here at Strongwater and we are excited to have them with us!


Breed:  Percheron
Color:  Black
Height:  18.2 hands
Weight:  2,600 lbs.
Gender:  Mare
Birthday:  March 1, 2013

The Dynamic Duo love their new home here at Strongwater and we are excited to have them with us!


Breed:  Dwarf Miniature
Color:  Black
Height:  30 inches or 8.1 hands
Weight:  200 lbs.
Gender:  Gelding
Birthday:  May 15, 2013

Do’s:  I love to take sunbaths during the day with my sister Amber and maybe play a game of tag!

Fun Facts:

  • Older brother to Amber
  • I can pull a one-person buggy!


Breed:  Welsh/Paint Cross
Color:  Blue Roan
Height:  13.2 hands
Weight:  800lbs.
Gender:  Mare
Birthday:  July 1, 2004

Do’s: Close my door all the way when grooming and tacking up, I like to be with my friends!

Fun Facts:

  • Grooming and brushing my Mane is my favorite
  • I love being with my buddies and my best friend Luka
  • Named after the Movie ‘Whale Rider’
  • When I was born I went to my humans before my birth mother


Breed: Morgan
Color: Buckskin
Height: 14.2 hands
Weight: 1,000 lbs.
Gender: Mare
Birthday: May 25, 1999


Breed: Off the Track Thoroughbred
Color: Bay
Height: 16.2 hands
Weight: 1,200 lbs.
Gender: Gelding
Birthday: May 3, 2013
Owner: Mariah Cates


Breed: Haflinger
Color: Palomino
Height: 13.3 hands 
Weight: 900 lbs
Gender: Mare
Birthday: June 11, 2000


Breed: Haflinger
Color: Palomino
Height: 13.3 hands
Weight: 900lbs.
Gender: Mare
Birthday: June 11, 2006