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Our Programs

Strongwater Farm provides equine-assisted services to individuals ages 4 to 90 with special needs, disabilities and other conditions. 

We develop personalized lessons and goals in close cooperation with our clients’ families, caregivers, teachers and other providers, helping them improve their cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being and enhance their quality of life. 


Programs include a variety of equine-assisted activities:

  • Observing and interacting with our specially-trained horses
  • Learning to use various pieces of tack and other equipment
  • Grooming and care of the horses
  • Developing safety skills
  • Helping maintain facilities
  • Horseback riding lessons for all levels 
  • Gaining general knowledge of horses and their behavior

How Our
Programs Work

No two Strongwater programs are the same. Each and every series of lessons we offer is customized to the specific needs and abilities of an individual participant or group. We offer both individual and group lessons, all customized to the specific needs and abilities of the participants.

Application &

Once a Participant Registration Form (available here) has been submitted, the information will be reviewed by our staff to determine whether Strongwater’s programs may be a good fit for the client’s needs and goals. Enrollment depends on both need and availability of resources.

Assessment &

Prior to enrollment, an in-person assessment of each applicant’s goals, abilities and comfort level helps confirm whether our services are a good fit. 

It also provides a framework for the development of programming that fits their unique needs, and helps us determine whether a participant will learn best in a group or private setting. 

There is a $50 Assessment Fee, payable at the time of the assessment. 

Program Content

Programs go beyond horseback riding lessons, featuring a personalized schedule of inclusive activities that may include caring for our specially trained horses, grooming them, or simply observing and interacting with them.


2024 tuition rates are $73 per group lesson and $100 per private lesson. 

We offer a Monthly Payment Plan to help our clients meet the cost of tuition (not available for the summer session).

Please Note: Some insurance providers may reimburse participants for a portion of tuition fees, but we do not contact or bill them directly. Payment must be paid prior to the start of each program and participants and their families must apply for reimbursement through their provider.

Visit our Registration, Calendar & Tuition Page for more information.

Other Strongwater

Outside Groups

We offer customized programs for groups from schools, elder care facilities, rehabilitation centers, law enforcement, and other organizations built around each group’s specific goals and abilities.

Interested in a program for your organization? Contact Kassandra Kehoe  [email protected]


Equine-Assisted Services have been shown to benefit military veterans suffering from a range of symptoms and conditions, from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to substance abuse.

Strongwater Farm is proud to partner with the Edith Nourse Rogers Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital in Bedford, MA and the VA’s program for formerly homeless veterans to provide services for this vulnerable population.

⇒ Read more about the Effects of therapeutic horseback riding on post-traumatic stress disorder from the journal Military Medical Research.

Seniors with Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Strongwater Farm regularly hosts seniors from residential communities such as Fairview Senior Living in Hudson, New Hampshire, whose residents enjoy grooming, petting and interacting with our horses in a supportive, supervised environment.

Research has shown that Equine-Assisted Services can be especially beneficial to individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Time spent with horses can help reduce stress levels, improve memory and sleep, and boost mood. Studies have also documented an overall decrease in negative behaviors and improved communication between patients and caregivers.

⇒ Read more about EAS, Alzheimer’s and dementia in this Fairview Senior Living blog post

For more information on programs for seniors, Contact Kassandra Kehoe at [email protected]

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