Land Acknowlegement Statement

Strongwater Farm is situated on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded lands of the Pawtucket people, who have been in relationship with this land for tens of thousands of years. The arrival of European settlers marked the beginning of a dark period of forced displacement, brutality, and genocide for the Pawtucket and for all Native American people,  yet their descendants have persevered with resilience and courage. Native American communities in our region continue to thrive, sustaining their deep ties to this land and its heritage. At Strongwater Farm, we hold profound respect for the Pawtucket people, as well as for all Native Americans and Sovereign Nations across the continent known as North America. We recognize our responsibility to learn from their wisdom and experience, and we commit to engaging in partnerships that respect their sovereignty and support the continued stewardship of their ancestral lands in ways that honor their traditional practices.

For more information about the Land We’re On, please visit the following organizations:

North American Indian Center of Boston, Inc

Association of American Indian Affairs

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